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In Erolon: Dungeon Bound, you play as a poor farmer who longs to become a dungeon looter, and explore the vast, mysterious land of Erolon. When he stumbles upon a long forgotten temple buried deep in the forest near his home, he sees the chance at a wealthy future. Little does he realize this will be the start of a grand adventure across Erolon, where he will meet new party members, develop romances, and conquer dungeons.

  • Meet various characters of both human and fantasy race as you form a party to explore and loot dungeons across the land of Erolon.
  • Fight in battles, level up your party, equip weapons and armor, and learn new spells and skills along your journey!
  • Converse with your party members, and choose to develop bonds and relationships with them.
  • Special scenes for each party member.
  • Talking animations breathes life into conversations with the characters!

Current Build: 0.15-Alpha
Platforms: PC, Mac, Android

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I can't join your discord :(

is there futa

i downloaded the Android version and it says fatal error

Next build we're going to see if we can resolve that issue on Android. We've been researching ways to do it.

thank you very much and take your time :)

APK from work upload doesn't install

Have you set your android phone to allow installs from untrusted sources? That's what other players and our team had to do to fix it.

Where do I send bug report like this? Zip no error, but when to index script error. Trying the other port.

I've seen that error. It has to do with the browser blocking scripts. Try using internet explorer, or the edge browser and see what happens.

Now you mention it, Brave browser does block script. Looks like I should disable the script block feature to play game. I'll test if that will improve

update: edge have same problem as brave browser in my rig, but firefox behave although slow.

Not compatible in Android 8.1.0


Hey, I installed the game, but when a try to open simply says "Fatal Error"

Is that on android?

Yes :/

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Im having a problem with saving. I cant create save files and I don't know why. When I try to save the game in one of the shown files, it doesn't work. The game also gives me an unknown error every now and then presumably because it cant create a save file when attempting to auto-save. I play on mac btw.

Hmm, have you put Erolon in your applications folder?

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For people that want to play this on mobile(android), download and extract the windows version, and run it on JoiPlay. I didn't get the fatal error

I still haven't played on mobile, I basically just booted it up and that's it. I may update this if I find any bugs on JoiPlay. If JoiPlay doesn't work for you, try steamlink, it connects your phone to your computer (You can find more info online or ask me). Joiplay does have some minor app related issues

I hope that there can be a friendship route in the future, since there's the option to not romance any of the girls, but you skip most of the dialogue if you do that. Feels like a speedrun strat lol. (If you guys did this accidentally, you can replay those scenes and pick a different option). I love how the art improves the longer you play the game

is there a way to dowload Via Itch.io app?


Game is great, art is great, story is great and I care about the characters more than I do most  characters in movies 5/5.


Glad you really enjoy Erolon!


Played on Newgrounds a while ago, but didn't have much time to get very far into it. It seemed fun, so I decided to download it for my Fire tablet (which, aside from just being a crappy, low-storage device, runs on an Android OS), but I kept getting a blank white screen with "fatal error" in the top left whenever I launched the game. Also, when going back to the newgrounds version, I noticed I couldn't start the game anymore, even on PC. The newgrounds thing might just be my terrible computer acting up, but the Android thing seems to be a repeating problem, judging by a few comments below. Once that gets a fix I'll happily play through the game!

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I've been having a similar issue on my Samsung(Galaxy Tab 4) tablet, though Erolon crashes after a minute of being active. I would love to see the bug(s) fixed soon so I can play the game. I just got to be patient - the game is still in Alpha.

I hate to bring this up here, but my anti virus keeps saying that something is wrong erolon. I'm playing on android if that's any help.

It's likely a false positive. I'm not sure how you tell an android device to ignore it.


Most likely, just wanted to make sure it was brought to your attention in case it was serious. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm goona do some more delving with best palidin Leru, new hammers and armor aren't gonna pay for themselves you know.


Enjoy the delving and the floofy protection of Leru!


I can translate your game into Spanish, if you wish.


I wish I could play this game without crashing 

1. If you skip to fast it crashes on phone and PC

2. I'm unable to get to the dungeon without it crashing.

3. Wheres the save button


You can save the game when get into town, and the game will auto save after each battle in a dungeon.

Deleted 141 days ago

I seem to be able to open and run but anything clickable doesn't line up. The maze at the first is unplayable I click on a tile but it runs to another. Running on old windows 7 laptop with no graphics card just cpu.

Have you tried running the game in compatibility mode? Windows 7 seems to have this issue with Erolon. The other solution is to play the game on Newgrounds.


I ran in xp service pack 2 and it works just fine. Thank you.

I launch the game then 

Is this on Windows 7 or Windows 10?


android ...

Great game, slight problem with itch.io though in terms of downloading, first two (mega and mirror #1) are incompatible with itch and the third one (mirror #2) throws up a slice bounds out of range [:-1] error.

i tried playing this on windows but the frame rate was low during the dialogues and unplayable on the first dungeon, i know this isn't the devs fault but the engine, any way to fix it?


In the settings there's basically display setting I think you can change to canvas cant remember which one it is but it helps with the frame rate issue a shit ton.

The Android version doesn't seem to be working?

I downloaded it (Google Drive), installed the APK, but when I tried starting the game, it just says "Fatal Erfor!" and I can't access it anymore


Need Futa



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Hello, I tried downloading the 0.14 alpha android version of the game, but when I go to download the app, it says it's an update, what is the version of the game that is the app itself (and not an update like it says it is). Do I need to have a specific version installed first before I instal the 0.14 version in order to to play with all the content, and to that extent, do I need to download every patch? Does that apply to the windows version as well?


Excellent game just wanted to ask if they are going to release a spanish version

Hey there! Glad you have been enjoying the game! We currently don't have plans to release a Spanish version.

When i download the apk version it says fatal error when i open the app im using realme 6i

For some reason this particular brand/model has issues with the apk installer and we haven't been able to figure out why that happens.


came for the porn, stayed for the characters.

Always good when you can enjoy both! ;)

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Hi SexCurseStudios- 

I absolutely ADORE your game! It has just the right mix of humanoid and anthro intimacy and its perfect for quarantine where I spend a lot more time in my room alone ;)! Leru is so shy and I love her so much! Curious as to if the barbarian girl and what looks like a frost elf (idk) are implemented. If so where can I meet them. Keep up the outstanding work! I truly wish I could donate on Patreon but COVID has put me on a pretty strict budget :(.

-A furry enthusiast and nsfw game fan

We're so glad you're having a blast playing Erolon! We're hopinh you'll enjoy our next upcoming build!

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To the Dev Team-

When I first clicked my way into Erolon: Dungeon Bound, I was honestly expecting a shallow, pay-walled experience with little to no replay value. How wrong I was. Each character is brought to life through meaningful dialogue, ensuring that every action and relationship feels as genuine as possible. The artwork is beyond stunning, with a variety of convincing character animations to further sell the mood and atmosphere.  The addicting delving gameplay and shop mechanics are fun, and act as a great buffer between long dialogue cycles. And to round it all off, you guys aren't charging a dime! No question, the experience is an easy 10/10. This game shows limitless potential in the future, with possible additions of new areas to  explore, new characters to meet and bond with, and further development of preexisting characters. 

Erolon: Dungeon Bound receives a gleaming A+++ from me. I will be eagerly awaiting future builds. 


I have a question would the file be called tize?

Are your referring to the size of the game file? I believe it is about 600mb or so.

I downloaded the android version from the mega browser downloader and i cam find the file nor can i delete it to try the others. I would like to delete it because it nearly takes a half a gb. Pls help

Have you looked in your downloads folder on your android device? That's generally where files would be saved that were downloaded from the internet.

Yes i have, its odd because i am almost to the point to where i might need to reset my phone. I used the mega download and now it seems to be a hidden paper weight somewhere on my phone. I even tried to download the mega app to see if it would tell me its downloaded but it didnt

You probably will find it in the mega app file

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hello developers, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing your game and seeing the work that you have put into this game. although, I do have one question, do you plan extending the character scenes in the future as I’d love to see some new interaction with the current characters but other than this it is a great game and I’d be more than happy to donate in the near future.

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Hello Dev-team, just wanted to swing by and tell you i love the game and appreciate the effort. cant wait to meet the bunny merchant. My favourite is still leru, her design and character is amazing :3. take your time for the updates since time=quality ... well maybe not duke nukem forever but the case could be made here that that was too much time ^^ anyway good job. you've earned my 6,90$ (hehehe) ... wish i could pledge on patreon but funds are low in pandemic times :(

also small bug report: when the hero and the alchemist talk about the heat reducing oil and she applies it to his back the line "not at all what human hands feel like" is there twice


Thanks for the bug report! And that's great you're enjoying the game so much! We're working to get the next update out to introduce the Bunny Merchant and her scenes!

The artwork took a very long time to get completed these past several months, hence why there has been such a large gap from the last update. We're hoping you'll enjoy what we have in store!

Glad to see the game still in development amazing job so far. Any little teasers as to how that bunny merchant will look like an what kind of interactions would be planned? :)


look on their twitter page, there is WIP art, and a ref sheet :3

I'm on android. When i press New Game it gives me some distorted menu asking me do i want to open scenes menu or something. And if i press no it asks me do i want to go trough the intro. And during the game i couldn't pull down the thing to see my battery or time, and i didn't see a menu button. Only log, hide text, and skip button exist. I just got inside the temple after Leru joins and got a message and went to reply by clicking tabs and the chat app and the game closed. Lost that little progress. Anyways was i still in the intro? And is there a save option after it? Is there a menu button?

It also crashes when i go trough text too fast?


Just a question for you devs, on the screen where you go through the dungeons...Was it deliberate for the character to stop on the traps that pop in/out of the floor? I have to quickly click again to get the character to get off the tile otherwise he just sits there taking damage until i move him off.


That was intended.


Thank you for the quick reply and simple answer!


Hey! Loved my experience with the game, made a video on the game, I hope more people get to know your game <3 

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The very frequent error messages, because of the simple button click 7 sound effect file never being loaded properly, are very annoying, but the story and artwork is still very good.

Can you send a picture of the error? What platform are you using?

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Nice game, good story and artwork. Just one problem, the dungeon sections. It's most probably just my pc choices. But after having played the game on two different laptops, i've noticed that the dungeon sections slows my game down tremendously, like it takes 3+ second and multiple clicks/button inputs for my actions to be registered by the game. It's not the battle section that's laggy, it's the dungeon movement and exploration, it even affects the dialogues when opening chests and talking to Cyleen.

Have you tried going into the configuration menu and going to "Visual" to change the way the game renders? That we have found makes a big difference in performance while in the dungeons for some players. We made a video on how to do it.  Hopefully that will help you! We're glad you're enjoying the game!

yeah, i tried the dungeon section with all 3 different rendering modes, made no difference to me.

Are you using a windows laptop with integrated graphics? That can also drastically effect performance.

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Hi Sex Curse Studio,

I had a lot of fun playing this game and the rpg style gameplay was refreshing. I am wondering when the next update would likely be released? It's been awhile and would hate to know that the project is dead. I am looking forward to seeing more of the world you've in store for us. 

P.S. Leru is bae haha definitly looking forward to more with her!


Hi U'shadra! We're glad you're having a lot fun playing Erolon! The game is still being worked on, but unfortunately the artwork for the next update has really been slowed down a lot. 

The artist for our game has had some real life challenges the past couple months that have affected his progress. However, he is getting the work done slowly but surely and we'll be very excited when we can release the next build with the Bunny Merchant Lylie!

Deleted 182 days ago
Deleted 315 days ago

Are you properly unzipping the file? It should give you all the files you need and then you just click "Erolon.exe" if you're on Windows.

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Well can you give me the download link for android version i only play it on my phone and I don't want to download all the versions

You can find the android version  when clicking on the download links. It will tell you the folder that has the android version.

how can ı exit the menu ı stuck there


Are you on android? Try pressing two fingers on the screen and that should go back on any menu.

no i play in windows i download this game 2 or 3 weeks ago and i was busy i cant play to much this game i was take a save and guit but u cant exit the menu now 

That's odd, we haven't heard of that before. Can you try-re-downloading it again?

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