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In Erolon: Dungeon Bound, you play as a poor farmer who longs to become a dungeon looter, and explore the vast, mysterious land of Erolon. When he stumbles upon a long forgotten temple buried deep in the forest near his home, he sees the chance at a wealthy future. Little does he realize this will be the start of a grand adventure across Erolon, where he will meet new party members, develop romances, and conquer dungeons.

  • Meet various characters of both human and fantasy race as you form a party to explore and loot dungeons across the land of Erolon.
  • Fight in battles, level up your party, equip weapons and armor, and learn new spells and skills along your journey!
  • Converse with your party members, and choose to develop bonds and relationships with them.
  • Special scenes for each party member.
  • Talking animations breathes life into conversations with the characters!

Current Build: 0.03-Alpha
Platforms: PC, Mac, Android

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Install instructions

Simply download the file, and unzip and double click the executable "Erolon Dungeon Bound.exe"


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Can't talk much about the story with a tech demo but so far the character and the writing as a whole is good and feel "real", which is nice.