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In Erolon: Dungeon Bound, you play as a poor farmer who longs to become a dungeon looter, and explore the vast, mysterious land of Erolon. When he stumbles upon a long forgotten temple buried deep in the forest near his home, he sees the chance at a wealthy future. Little does he realize this will be the start of a grand adventure across Erolon, where he will meet new party members, develop romances, and conquer dungeons.

  • Meet various characters of both human and fantasy race as you form a party to explore and loot dungeons across the land of Erolon.
  • Fight in battles, level up your party, equip weapons and armor, and learn new spells and skills along your journey!
  • Converse with your party members, and choose to develop bonds and relationships with them.
  • Special scenes for each party member.
  • Talking animations breathes life into conversations with the characters!

Current Build: 0.08c-Alpha
Platforms: PC, Mac, Android

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Dungeons performance is bad on Android. Could you tell me what software are you using to develop the game?



We are using RPG Maker MV.

Hey I wanted to say that your game doesn't work on Android there is always the yellow sentence that a bug has occured and to press f5 to restart but I can't press f5 

Can you send us a picture or screenshot of the error? We can take a look at what it says. Thanks!

Sorry I can't do better it says Game has encountred bug please report it TypeError: effectItem.excludeLootTags.includes is not at Function at ... Then there are a bunch of things like something habbend with items or the database load and if that doesn't appear the game crashes maybe you can try it for yourself on a Android device and I'm sorry that I can't tell you more 

I am very confused is your download link up to date... It says it is from December of last year. Is that right?

Hi there!

The link is up to date with the latest version. All we've been doing is just changing the link which apparently doesn't count as an update to the original link setup. Hope that answers your question!

yes thank you that is exactly what I was trying to figure out. 

Is this is on Playstore

It is not. It's available here and on our Patreon!

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Is a harem possible in this game and do you think you might add any hypno or smoking fetish options?? If it's not possible to have a harem I'd like something that gives me descriptions on characters because I can't find anything anywhere I look on any characters in the game

when i try to download the game for some reason the windows tab says the folder is empty 

Hmm, is it possible that your anti-virus is automatically removing the folder?

It was really fun while I could play it! After the first dungeon run I tried saving in town only to get an error noise any time I tried. I figured I'd try later to see if it was a fluke but the game crashed after giving a looong error code about a read-only only file trying to open? I'll definitely try playing again later in a future update :)

Was this on PC, Mac, or Android?

Ah, sorry! I'm on Mac.

There's an odd problem with Macs not wanting to cooperate with the file structure of RPG Maker MV when it's exported from a Windows based machine. We might try something to get it to work, but it's definitely on the Mac end that is causing the issue.

good artstyle, especially sprites

the story is ok

Leru's rase... Is she like werewolf? anthropomorphic, humanoid wolf? "furry"xD ?

the dungeon exploring seems to be a bit bugged and that's why i couldn't finish it 

but I'm still waiting for updates

Leru is a Faolti which is very wolf like, but with anthropomorphic characteristics. :)

Are the dungeons laggy for you or are you having trouble seeing the graphic in the dungeon?

We're aware that some people are having performance issues, but so far we haven't been able to find a proper solution. We know the graphical issues stem from integrated Intel graphics on laptops and the way it renders the game resolution.

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I have the game on android it works fine so far but there is no back option so I get stuck in the menu is there a way to fix this?

The way I was able to go back was by pressing two fingers on the screen at once. I don't know if this works on all android devices, but it worked on a Galaxy S10.

lol thank you after posting my comment I read through the comments and discovered that you have to use 2 fingers and works for me and I'm using Razer phone 2

Awesome! Glad to hear it works!

Tried the game. Very nice concept. Playing on Android took a bit of figuring out. Especially the two finger tap for going back. I like where this is going though. Can't wait for more content.

Glad you're enjoying it so far! We have limited support for the Android version, so it's a bit tricky for us to figure out how to properly configure it for everyone!

is there an actual menu on the Windows PC version? for saves and such..?

I don't know if you've already discovered it but, it's on the town menu. You can't save/load while inside the dungeons.

Whenever you're out of a dungeon you can save your game via the main menu. There are checkpoints at certain dungeon levels that will automatically bring you back to the level when you return.

I'm enjoying the game A LOT, and I am glad I've found it. You should try to like advertise it so more people find out about it.

Glad you're really enjoying the game! We've been posting to our Twitter account and posting to different message boards. Hopefully more and more people will take notice of it!

Tapping the screen with 2 fingers to access the menu doesn't seem to work on Note 9.


Thanks for letting us know. Were you able to figure out how to go back in the menus?

No problem, the only way i can access the main menu is to restart the game. I can't access any other menus.

Our support for Android is limited, unfortunately. So it will be tough to pinpoint the issue. Is this Note 9 up to date with software and everything?

Can't talk much about the story with a tech demo but so far the character and the writing as a whole is good and feel "real", which is nice.