Patreon Stretch Goal Announcement!

Hello fans, followers, and supporters of Erolon Dungeon Bound!

We have some exciting news to share with all of you, and we hope you'll be excited about it as well! For some time now, the Sex Curse Studio team has been thinking about how to enhance Erolon Dungeon Bound via our Patreon stretch goals. We know that our current stretch goals are rather generic, and we wanted to change that so they are more unique and interesting. Essentially, we want the stretch goals to be worthwhile and exciting to reach!

Starting today, we are adding a new $1500 stretch goal tier on our Patreon. If this tier is reached, brand new artwork will be added to Erolon Dungeon bound in the form of mini-scenes! What exactly are mini-scenes? Read below for our explanation!

We love working on the characters in Erolon Dungeon Bound, and it's great to see so many of you enjoying the relationships you can establish with them. Part of the fun of the relationships with the characters is the gradual build up that eventually leads to more intimate encounters. The teasing and anticipation of what will happen makes the final outcome even more exciting! Wouldn't it be amazing if those previous and future build up scenes had unique artwork to compliment them? By reaching the $1500 stretch goal, that's exactly what will happen!

Brand new single image artwork will be added to current Erolon Dungeon Bound scenes!

Examples of some possible scenes that may receive new artwork:

  • Leru's sacred bath cleansing scene!
  • Cleric's massage scene!
  • Cleric's "physical checkup" scene on the protagonist!
  • Mage's undressing scene!
  • Mage's "Invisible Spell" scene!

Brand new, single image mini-scenes may also be added to the game as well! These mini-scenes will further expand the fun you can have with the characters you are in a relationship with!

  • Give the Paladin Leru some balls to play with!
  • Mage and Cleric show off their footwork skills!
  • Mage bought some new lingerie, but turned herself invisible!
  • Mage turns herself into a dragon again!
  • Milk...

But that's not all! By reaching the $1500 stretch goal, all patrons will receive some awesome perks and bonuses for supporting us!

  • High quality wallpaper of the new scene images!
  • High Quality phone wallpaper versions of the new scene images!
  • Bonus/Easter Egg sketches! Bikini armor and Holiday costumes anyone? :)
  • Plus, we will add an image gallery feature to the game so you can look back on all the previous scenes and artwork you have unlocked!

If you're a higher tier patron, you'll also get these additional benefits!

  • Early Access to the new images in development. You'll be the first to see the process of the artwork's development! 
  • Access to an exclusive poll where you get to choose your favorite new image to be added to the game from our list! 
  • Early access to Bonus/Easter Egg artwork polls! You'll be the first to choose from fun sketch polls that will be expanded to other patrons later. 
  • First dibs on High Quality wallpaper versions of the new scene images added to the game!

We will be so stoked if we can make it to $1500! There is a lot to look forward to once we have reached there, and we look forward to it!

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