Erolon: Dungeon Bound 0.02-Alpha Public Release!

The 0.02 Alpha "Forest Dungeon" build is now available for the public! We hope you enjoy playing through the first dungeon in the game!

Below you will find the download link, along with the patch notes highlighting the major updates!

0.02-Alpha Changelog (2/15/2019)


  • Escape, Right Click - Cancel/Go back to previous menu.
  • Spacebar, Enter, Left Click - Select/Confirm/Progress Text.
  • Backspace - Delete letter during name input.
  • Directional Arrow Buttons: Move cursor/Increase & Decrease (In options menu).
  • Ctrl - Skip/fast forward.


  • If you have played through the 0.01 build, you can copy the "config.rpgsave" and "global.rpgsave" over to the 0.02 build save folder, located in the folder called "www". This will allow you to skip the intro, and start right at the forest dungeon!
  • Level is currently capped at level 10.

New Content

  • Added forest dungeon! After the introduction to the forest dungeon, the game can be saved and loaded.
  • Added several scenes and conversations for Mage.
  • Added a scene and several conversations for Paladin.

Bug Fixes

  • Skip now automatically shows the text box. 


  • Made the skeleton battle with the Paladin less difficult, and also added more skills for the party members to make it more interesting.
  • Added sound effect for miss/evasion.
  • Added sound effect for damage.
  • Hero now has more agility than Mage.

Primary Link (Mega) -!pFg1xQiI!AZ7L5O28MroLYYyftyfTqw

(Mirror #1) -

(Mirror #2) -


Primary Download (Mega)
Dec 04, 2018
Mirror #2 (Workupload)
Dec 04, 2018
Mirror #1 (Google Drive)
Dec 04, 2018

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