Erolon: Dungeon Bound 0.06a-Alpha Public Release

Erolon Dungeon Bound Version 0.06a is now available for everyone to enjoy!

0.06 introduces the brand new Mountain Dungeon to explore and conquer! In addition, the Cleric is now a playable party member! There's also a new Paladin scene to indulge yourself with if you so choose :)

For patrons that have already been playing version 0.06, 0.06a adds a revisit to the new Paladin scene. We highly recommend you check it out. You may see some new surprises in the revisit ;)

We want to thank everyone that has been supporting us along the way and enjoying Erolon Dungeon Bound! Continued development would not be possible without you!

We still have plenty of content planned for Erolon including new scenes, gameplay, and more! To give you a bit of teaser for some of the upcoming features we're looking to add check out the list after the patch notes below!

Happy treasure hunting delvers!

 If you find any glitches, bugs or mistakes let us know on, our Patreon, or our Discord!

Erolon: Dungeon Bound v0.06-Alpha (8/6/2019)

New Content

  • Added revisit to Paladin scene from version 0.06! 

Erolon: Dungeon Bound v0.06-Alpha (7/30/2019) 

New Content 

  • Added a new Paladin scene! 
  • Added the mountain dungeon! 
  • Cleric is now available as a party member in battle! You must first go into the Formation Menu, accessible from the main menu, and add her to the party. You may only have 2 allies in the party at a time, so you will have to remove either Mage or Paladin from the party first.


  • Critical damage has been reduced. 
  • Mage's Critical Rate bonus has been reduced by 2%. 
  • HP and SP regeneration items have had their regeneration rate reduced. 
  • Reduced Chain Lightning's damage. 
  • Reduced Firestorm's damage. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that may occur when using Flash Powder to escape battle. 
  • Corrected a tooltip for for Paladin's "Vigilance" passive. 
  • Hero's passive now correctly lowers his evasion and critical chance.

Coming in Future Updates!

  • Passive State/Skill for Cleric. 
  • Adding a background for the formation menu while in dungeons.
  • Adding a drop for the Forest Dungeon boss. Players who have already defeated that boss will still receive it.
  • Optional dungeon bosses after you've defeated the original. You can return to a previous dungeon and get a new challenge!
  • Different battle music for bosses. 
  • Implementation of the Gallery, which will allow you to view images from scenes you've unlocked!
  • Category and value sorting in the shop and crafting menus. 
  • Menu based dungeon exploration for people with older computers or who prefer that style of exploration.
  • Circle based fog of war lifting as you traverse dungeons. 
  • Autosave when you go to reach a checkpoint or go to town. 
  • Preventing state/status effect tooltips from appearing under the log window at the top of the battle screen.

We hope you'll like these future additions, especially the much requested Gallery feature! 


Primary Download (Mega)
Dec 04, 2018
Mirror #1 (Google Drive)
Dec 04, 2018
Mirror #2 (Workupload)
Dec 04, 2018

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